Self perpetuating chandelier
Concept, design and forging of chandelier with 5 burning candles designed
to ooze wax through flutes into a reservoir with a spooled wick to collect the
wax to create more candles. Created and exhibited at Haystack Mountain of
Arts & Crafts in Deer Isle Maine.

Illustration of actual sculpture

Eastern Shore and Mountains

Artwork from landscape series

Artwork from brand collateral

Selected illustrations from branding system

Artwork for Corporate Social Responsibility

Screens from TImberland Corporate Social Responsibility collateral


The Remedi Project
An exhibition of experimental art from designers, programmers, musicians,
writers, philosophers, artists, storytellers, filmmakers and photographers from
around the world. My exhibition was an interactive experience with sound.

Screens from exhibition 11

Artwork for global initiative 

Screen from animated series

RR Blue
Artwork for global initiative 


Still from animation